Don’t know where to start your ride to improving yourself?
self improvement

Are you feeling out of drive? Feel like you lost yourself? Wondering of a way on how to manage self improvement?

Sometimes self improvement it is not such a breath of fresh air as it sounds. At the beginning nothing is peace of mind, clarity and confidence, but everything is more like chaos, disorientation and struggle.

Watch out what is happening in your little brain to guide it on the path of self improvement.

You created in your mind an image of how your life will become at some point. The life you will have after graduating high school, the life you will get after graduating college. You imagined a world where you are independent, happy, wealthy and fulfilled, in constant state of improving yourself. But on the way of getting there, something happened.

You became lazy, you let yourself guided by parties, alcohol, also mediocre people surrounding you. As a result you forgot about your passions. And in this present moment, the moment that you have to be building up your dream, it seems like you find yourself doing nothing the person you want to become would do. You lost your drive somewhere on the road, you forgot what you were aiming for, you stopped thinking about what you want out of life (except money, of course), you stopped improving yourself. Maybe your job made you tired and made you feel trapped, maybe the college you went to was disappointing, maybe the social entourage made you forget your passions in a drawer and made you to focus just on having fun and let life act spontaneously.

If it feels bad now, imagine how you’ll feel after a couple of years of this crap, imagine the depression and regret. And let alone those ”It will get better eventually” shit. If you don’t act on it when it is choking you there are higher chances all will get worst and worst over time.

Get your shit together and lets find a way to this self improvement process

If you had a dream, if you once had a passion that you let get dusty somewhere in the dark, then the moment you realize you lost a part of you and got yourself trapped in a life you do not enjoy, you start feeling anxious, you start feeling disappointed with yourself, you are fearful about your future, you start feeling depressed and doomed.

You feel like you could have done more, a lot more, but – you did nothing. You stayed there being a spectator.

I know that feeling, I’ve been there, I’m still in the process of acting on that feeling myself and, to change your ways, is not an easy task at all but it is possible and it feels incredible. It is the kind of work that deserves every moment invested, every hard action met.

If you came to read this kind of crazy sounding shit, I am certain that you feel like you want to change something, you want to become more of yourself and you have in you the power to do those amazing things you are always dreaming of. You reached that point where you said ”Enough is enough, I have to do something with my life”. You feel you want it, you feel you can’t take this anymore, so…

…What is stopping you from doing something else?

The answer is as simple as the question: yourself. Your fears.

Fear is stopping us from building up ourselves. The fear of failure, the fear of losing people, the fear of being judged; even the fear of remaining alone because we don’t resonate with people around us anymore. You have to conquer that fear, to make friends with it.

What is the first step towards improving?

This one is tricky: keeping momentum alive.

How do you manage that?

To begin with, imagine what it is that you want to do. How the person you want to become looks like. What is his attitude about? Also, imagine yourself having that job you love, imagine looking the way you dream of, imagine yourself having the life you want.

You let that feelings flood your body.

This is the first step into keeping momentum alive, knowing exactly what you are motivated for.

Create a list of your goals, and every time you feel like you lost motivation start imagining yourself achieving that goal. This will boost up your drive and will keep you away from bad decisions like the ones that got you here.

You can’t do anything about your past, can’t change where your decisions led you to land, but you decide how your future looks like.

Accept your bad decisions from the past, learn from them, but don’t let them influence your future.

Your decisions create your future.

So, how do you want your future to be like?