You surely had moments that you found yourself truly pumped up on something, you wanted to achieve it, but you started thinking ”I do not have time to learn that, I do not have time to do that, I am to busy to read that”.


What is filling up all your time? What are you doing all day besides work and chores? What is your life about?


Let’s begin by focusing on the things you would like to have time for.


Think about those people that you look at and you think ”Oh, this person is amazing! I would like to be like that”. This is what you need to think about. How does the people that you appreciate look like and how they behave? What actions do they take? Find those features and write them down.


You need to start being that person, now. Dont wait for something magical to transform you, things do not work like that. You wont wake up one day being totally another person through a miracle. In order to become the person you admire, you need to take action, you have to start being that person.

Establish the features you need to update and start implementing them in your life.


Lets say you imagine yourself as a well read person, someone who enjoys reading and finds relaxation and inspiration in books – start reading now. You make the time, and start reading, every-freakin-day.


Maybe you imagine yourself being healthier and in a good shape – start eating healthy and start exercise.




Now. Not tomorrow. Not Monday. Not next month. NOW.


You wont wake up one day being fit and craving for apples if all you do is driving around your car and stand on your ass all day in front of the computer eating fastfood and pizza. You have to start eating those apples with the image of your future self in mind in order to wake up craving freaking apples.


You dont have to change your whole self at once, maybe your job or your other circumstances wont give you the liberty to do so, but you do have to start implementing parts of who you want to become in your everyday life.


This is how you get rid of bad habits, because that is what you are gonna do. You are gonna replace existing habits with habits that help you develop yourself. You are gonna give up time spent watching tv shows for reading; you are gonna give up those comfy pants (that are not your style anyways, but they are freaking comfortable) for some pants that make you feel confident, proud to be seen and make you feel like yourself; you are gonna give up that time you spend drinking tons of coffee or beer surrounded by people that you kinda find mediocre anyway, but you do it for the sake of time, for improving your skills on a field you would love to be good at (drawing, painting, running, reading, learning Photoshop, learning 3D modeling, whatever your skill set dream is).


Understand the power of decisions


You have to give up things that you are used to, its not easy, but its the only way to go if you want to be a better self. This is where your decisions hit. You can choose  something familiar and watch your life passing by, letting life take you where it wants and not where you want. But hey, if life dictates at least you feel comfortable, you dont have to do a thing. Or, you can choose to do something that gives your life a purpose, greatness and gives you the feeling of creating yourself, something that makes you feel proud and alive.


Do you see how every little decision you make now shapes how your future will turn out to be?


For everything that happens you have a reaction, and it doesnt matter if its about an occurrence you have no control upon, the reaction to that incident its in your power. You are the one that dictates what is happening next and how the result turns out to be. You can stand there, letting other people taking the lead of your life, or you can take action and make life as you please.


Lets say you are looking for a certain job. You keep applying to to those advertisements with your resume, but you get nowhere. No call, no matching. What do you do? You complain that you cant find a job, that no one is giving you a chance to prove yourself, that they are some superficial assholes I could say. What should you be doing? Prove yourself. You shouldn’t be waiting for them to call and pass you through tons of interviews until you can show them how much you worth. Start improving your skills on your free time if you already have a job, create a portfolio, go to their office and make yourself heard, make them look at your work to prove them you deserve that position.


You cant feel sorry for yourself if you didnt even tried. Trying one thing that didnt work and giving up its not called trying, its throwing something out there just so you can say you did something.


So stop that pity party!


Stop blaming others for your life! Stop blaming your ”unlucky” life! Accept that your decisions got you in the position you are today, and change the way you make decisions.


Take freakin action, starting today!


Will you close this page and get back to your boring life like nothing happen, or will you keep thinking about how to become a better self?


The decision – its yours!